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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Social Security Solution

Jody posted in the comments to my post on sheetrock-hanging undocumented below that one problem with illegal immigrants is that "Illegals inflate tax rates by being a part of the black economy while consuming government services like right there in L.A." I'll include his link to a Fox news piece, too. A few comments:
Whew. I didn't even mean to write about that article. Or Fox News. What I wanted to do was take issue with another one of Jody's points in his comments, specifically that illegals are a big financial drain for the government because of lost income tax revenue. I wanted to point readers to this article, which points out that illegals are a net gain for the social security system, because they put in money but don't draw benefits (they file false social security numbers on their W2s and forged green cards). How much? Well, between 6 and 7 billion in Social Security taxes and 1.5 billion in Medicare taxes. Last year alone.

If we really want to "fix" social security, maybe we should open the borders.


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