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Friday, April 08, 2005


An Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems

In the mail today, I got my copies of An Introduction to Ultra Wideband Communication Systems. I wrote the bulk of the chapter on simulation of UWB systems (Chapter 8) and did a lot of technical review for the other chapters. If you're a UWB expert, most of the material won't be too new, but I believe my chapter is the first source that advocates using discrete event simulations for pulsed UWB (it adds a little in total system overhead, but saves alot in terms of simulation cycles per pulse.)

The layout of the book generally looks very nice, though there are some presentation issues that my office mate (who wrote parts of three chapters in the book) and I have spotted in the 20 minutes or so we've had the books in our hands.
The quality of the figures is uneven. Some came out exactly as we drew them, others are quite fuzzy. There's no particular discernable pattern as to what caused different certain pictures to come out so badly.

Some tables are split across a couple pages - an editing no-no.

There are three different chapter introduction styles - something I thought I had flagged in the editing process, but which apparently didn't get fixed.
If you're interested, this is actually my third book publication. My earlier books being Software Radio: A Modern Approach to Engineering (chapters 5 and 9) and that timeless classic, I am the Very Model of a Modern Major Major, Yossarrian.


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