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Saturday, April 02, 2005


Consumption Junction

Jody has an interesting post below proposing a national consumption tax instead of an income tax, and it's a better way of phrasing the argument than I've seen before. I still think it's a silly idea; before I go into why, let me clear up one thing; in the comments, I wrote "If I'm poor, and I'm paying 15% in tax right now..." Which is not the same as saying "I'm poor, and I'm paying 15% in tax right now." My effective tax rate, when all state and federal taxes are added in, hovers at about 40%. So even though I live basically hand-to-mouth, I would benefit from the plan Jody proposes. I still oppose it vehemently, though, and here's why.
I'm not a utopian. I don't think you can eliminate poverty, or redistribute wealth, or whatever. I also don't have a lot of sympathy for the very wealthy whining about how much they have to pay in taxes. And I abhor plans that are explicitly hardest on those least able to pay.

On a slightly unrelated topic, I'd like to see Jody's Social Security post before Bush's Social Security phase-out has been completely abandoned.


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