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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Chicks with guns

are less likely to be raped or assaulted and marching and beating drums and show demonstrations are largely ineffective. That's Jacqueline's argument:
"If feminists are serious about empowering women against violence and sexual assault, their time and money would be far better spent organizing (and advertising widely!) subsidized defensive handgun classes for women than putting on hostile, exclusionary marches. Unfortunately it appears that the feminist movement is too wedded to the political left -- the main group pushing gun control -- to consider that seriously as a primary strategy."
Now, getting the message out will do a good job of influencing those who are good and reasonable. Unfortunately, and almost by definition, violent criminals are not good and reasonable.

So while marching and pamphleteering college campuses may make women feel good about themselves, it's mostly useless. If you're a woman (or for that matter a man), a gun, taser, or mace (in decreasing order of effectivenes), will go a lot further towards making you safer than asking a violent criminal to please stop.


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