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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Superhero Roundup

Superheros have been popping up everywhere on the blogs. The following is a collection of superhero links I've run across the past two weeks.

Superman is a Dick
Via INDC and my brother, comes this link - a collection of comic book covers where Superman is a dick.

This Place Sucks (Office Space and the Super Friends)
This Place Sucks recreates scenes from Office Space with the Super Friends. Robin as Samir and Aquaman as Drew is pure genius. (h/t Milk and Cookies) (If you click on nothing else in this roundup, click on this link.)

Out of Context Comic Book Frames
This site collects frames of superhero comics, which when taken out of context, are quite amusing. (h/t BoingBoing)

Spiderman in Biblical History
Who knew that Spidey played such a key role in Biblical history? This Portland Mercury cartoonist, that's who. (h/t BoingBoing)

Spidey Goes to India
Not satisfied with just helping out thos of a Judeo-Christian background, Spidey is going to India to help the Hindus (ok about 20% of India is Muslim or Christian, but I thought it made for a nice transition). Here's the official press release, an article in the Weekly Standard (h/t Oxblog) on the universal values of Spiderman, and here's some initial cover art.

Superheros in Egypt
They've now got superheros in Egypt - AK Comics is putting out an Arabic collection of comic books. Clearly this is a Popish Zionist Neocon plot to export Western values to the Middle East. (h/t mindbleed)

Superheros in Saudi Arabis (Update)
Via the comments of this post on Dean's World (which also notes AK Comics), we learn of Qkids, an English language comic book series published out of Sweden and edited in Saudi Arabia.

Superhero Sues Yourish (Update2)
In the comments, Mr Snitch points out his post in which the Hulk sues Yourish. So be careful what you say about the green guy - he's got counsel.

I have no idea why there was the double internal post, but it should be fixed now.

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