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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Scifi Roundup

The Big Stuff
If you're a regular reader, these links will interest you.

Technicon 22
Technicon 22 is this weekend in Blacksburg at the Ramada. I don't think I'll be attending as the $20 registration fee is more than I'm willing to pay. If you're looking for more than just the run-of-the-mill scifi, fantasy, anime Technicon will also have sessions on polyamory, BSM, and bellydancing (shudder... most scifi afficianados don't look like this) . As an aside, Andrew of Logomancy is on the staff of Technicon-22.

Hugo Award Nominations
The Hugo nominees have been announced. The full list is here.

Star Wars
Just cause I haven't seen a Star Wars link I didn't like...

Star Wars in 3-D
All the Star Wars films are going to be released in 3-D starting in 2007.

Batman vs Darth Vader
In a Maxim-esque comparison, Mister Snitch compares the men in black (capes). (Batman wins)

M&M's Chocolate Mpire
M&M looks to capitalize on the Revenge of the Sith phenomenon as they have their own faux Revenge of the Sith Trailer. (h/t SFSignal)

StarWars Font
Ever want to have your text appear as StarWars characters? Probably not, but if you did, this is the site for you. (h/t Big Dumb Object)

Star Wars Clone Wars The Cartoon
Airs on the Cartoon Network. (h/t Christiana)

Random Links
I couldn't find a good classification for these links, but they're still interesting.

Overused Scifi Cliches
A humongous list of overused scifi cliches. I actually like most of the ones marked by the piggy symbol...

SF Cliche Contest
Subterranean magazine is having accepting entries for "original" science fiction stories that are chock-full of scifi cliches - the more the better. With that previous link in hand, you should have everything you need.

Leonard Nimoy - photographer
Via email from Roger, I see where Leonard Nimoy is branching out into photography. Spock also has some rather naughty photos (some pics in the gallery are not work safe)...

Iron Man's Game
Orson Scott Card is writing a series of five comic books on Iron Man. Scifiwire has the interview.

University of Kansas Science Fiction Center
Has a very cool science fiction website - lots of essays and educational material. (h/t scifiwire)

Alien Bounty
Find an an alien and bring it to the LoanPros, and you'll get one meeelion dollars.

John Scalzi
Scalzi has a polyscifi like site (science fiction and politics) called Whatever.

How could I leave this one out?
Dalek attacks Parliament. (h/t Chaos Manor which doesn't do permalinks) Here's a picture of a Dalek.


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