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Sunday, February 13, 2005


There he goes again.

Jody's post below about the case for extraordinary rendition has a lot of information about Aher I didn't know. Which is illuminating, certainly, but it doesn't change my basic point, which is that the United States is sending people to other countries to be tortured. I do think that's the primary purpose of extraordinary rendition, not deportation. In many cases, (Mamdouh Habib, for example), the United States
That's not deportation.

And Yoo and Gonzalez and Bybee and others at Justice and the White House have jumped through all kinds of loops to provide legal justifications to the executive branch for this kind of bad behavior, which by any application of the Plain Meaning Rule, violates international law, United States law, treaties we're signatory to, and U.N. resolutions. If you doubt that, read the Bybee memo. It's bad logic, bad policy, and bad law, all in one messy package.

What happened to the last leader who defied U.N. resolutions?

From Brazil:

Don't you know the sort of thing that
Information Retrieval does?

What do you mean? Would you rather
have terrorists?

We've got both.

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