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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Speaking of Billboards

And while we're talking about billboards, it seems someone has defaced one of those "Citizens United" billboards. I think CU has a really bad idea here; one of the things that sucks most about Hollywood is there's a general attitude of condescension towards middle America. I saw a memo a few years ago arguing that, although a particular director was out of touch and kind of slow on the pickup, he was right for the project because "it takes someone who's behind the times to connect with middle America." Which is the kind of thinking I'd like very much to get rid of out here. Of course, by the same token, it would be nice if the rest of America stopped thinking of Hollywood as the root of all evil; buying billboards to deliberately try to spoil "Hollywood's biggest night" seems kind of rude.

It would, of course, be ruder if they'd managed to by billboards anywhere near the Kodak theater. To get from the Kodak to the nearest billboard, you have to go here. And it's facing the wrong way.

Meanwhile, Matt Drudge seems to be running a one-man-campaign to get Chris Rock off the Oscars. Because Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Billy Crystal never did anything off-color in their stand-up routines.

H/T Defamer.

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