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Monday, February 28, 2005


SciFi and Polyscifi Roundup

There's just too much scifi and polyscifi out there and I just have too much real work to do so here's a summary of a bunch of interesting articles I saw...

SFSignal is posting book reviews. At the top is a review of one of my all time favorite: The Mote in God’s Eye by Jerry Pournelle and Larry Niven. Among other things, it looks at what happens when an entire species evolves according to division of labor logic…

The planning for the upcoming alien invasion of Earth for nitrogen harvesting is described in My Little Golden Book about Zogg (if you click through on nothing else in this roundup, read this book)

Peter Jackson is remaking King Kong for a December release.

Here’s an article on Intelligent Design, not on evolution, but on the value of doing good production design for scifi movies

Here’s a site that’s collecting soft copies of sci fi scripts. Just pulling a few of the first few notables from their alphabetical listing, here’s Space Odyssey 2001, Alien, Army of Darkness, and Back to the Future. They've also got a google search interface.

Star Wars stuff
There’s a Star Wars Lego video game coming out.

On a related note, you can also see all the Lego Star Wars stuff I’ll be buying over the coming year at this site.

According to the starwars website, this April you’ll be able to buy Darth Vader and Yoda cakes at your local bakery.

Ever want to rotoscope a light saber into a movie? Learn how here.

Are you an evil genius who’s having a little genius block? Well to help you out, here’s "A How To Guide for Destroying the Earth"

Want to play the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text based game? Then click here

Here’s a brief writeup of Dead Meadow, a band that seeks to incorporate Tolkein and Lovecraft into their lyrics.

The Babes of Battlestar Galactica. Need I say more?

Colocated with the Experience Music Project, the Science Fiction Hall of Fame is scheduled to have its first induction in May. Even without an induction, there are already 36 members in the Hall of Fame.

In this post, Gail at The Right Coast compares the Senate filibusters of judicial appointees to the episode of Star Trek episode “A Taste of Armageddon.”

Room twelve notes that Ron Moore included a smoking character in Battlestar Galactica as part of an anti-PC backlash against the global anti-smoking movement.

Many of these stories found by reading these great sites
Big Dumb Object
The Mumpsimus
Scifi Wire


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