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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Punching above our weight class

As we mentioned when it first started, Punditdrome is a RSSS aggregator that allows you to quickly skim the headings of a bunch of different major blogs. Kinda like the headlines for a blog newspaper.

Well today (or I at least learned about it today), Polyscifi's RSSS feed got picked up by Punditdrome today. So we're now like a "column" in the blog newspaper. We're listed in the elsewhere portion of Punditdrome (as opposed to the Left or the Right), a categorization that seems appropriate.

But look at all the heavy libertarian hitters we're listed alongside. Like Virginia Postrel (former editor of Reason), Reason's Hit & Run, Vodkapundit, and Dean's World. Each of these sites get thousands of visitors a day and each takes their blogging seriously (ads, real commenting, and their own servers - none of which I ever want the hassle of dealing with).

While we do have some serious political discussions (like Jeremy's social security discussion), I think they're generally drowned out by our beer and poop jokes (and fake novels). But that's ok. Life is really more about beer and poop than politics.

Anyways, go check out Punditdrome where we're punching WAY above our weight class.


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