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Tuesday, January 25, 2005



So. I'm surprised and very pleased that Catalina Sandino Moreno got a nomination. That really was one of the most incredible performances I've seen all year. To my knowledge, she hasn't accepted any other work; she's been in New York studying since making Maria Full of Grace. I'm sure everyone at CAA will be hustling to change her mind about that today.

Other surprises: no Michael Moore. Given that Farenheit 9/11 grossed more than any other documentary ever, it's pretty clear that this is a deliberate snub on the part of voters. I wonder if he would have gotten the nomination if Kerry had won the election?

The Incredibles should have been a best picture nominee. Paul Giacometti is probably hanging himself as I write this. Both of those are crimes. Crimes!

I think we should have an oscar pool. Which reminds me: were results for the election pool ever posted?

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