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Saturday, January 22, 2005


How do I know Jeremy?

Jeremy Ramont, off and on contributor to polyscifi, is getting married on February 26th. As part of the wedding preparations, the members of the wedding party were asked to write a short paragraph on how they knew the groom/bride. I thought it might be interesting for the VTACO crowd to see what I prepared so I'm repeating it below.

How do I know Jeremy? Late nights drinking. Food fights with neighboring dorms. Dropping things out windows just to see how they break. Pitiful attempts to pick up girls while pretending to be a French foreign exchange student and drinking the world’s worst tasting beer (warm, naturally). Numerous long trips to play several short matches of intellect against other schools (sometimes driven to a little too fast). Late nights discussing politics, sports, and girls.

In short, 9 years of friendship and counting.


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