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Monday, January 17, 2005


Got Dick?

Phillip Dick that is...

According to Aint it Cool, A Scanner Darkly is in production. While I've never read A Scanner Darkly, I like Dick. [not that way, you dirty dirty reader, ed - Is it wise to call your readers names? Every bit as wise as writing "I like Dick"] And I've read and liked a lot of Dick's works.

The script was written by Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote the scripts for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich (and more importantly, he was a writer for Get A Life) so I have high hopes for the film.

IMDB's plot summary for the movie is the following:
Set in a future world where America has lost the war on drugs, undercover cop Fred (Keanu Reeves) is one of many agents hooked on the popular drug Substance D, which causes its users to develop split personalities. Fred, for instance, is also Bob, a notorious drug dealer. Along with his superior officers, Fred sets up an elaborate scheme to catch Bob and tear down his operation.
While Keanu may or may not be the best vehicle for the story, I do think he plays the part of surprised protagonist well - whoa.... So I'll probably watch it when it comes out.


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