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Sunday, January 30, 2005


Congrats Iraqis

It appears that the elections went as smoothly as could be elected with 72% turnout across the country. Higher in some parts (like Baghdad), lower in others (like Ramadi).

Anyways, now it's time for the hard part for the Iraqis - the political sausage kubba making as the Iraqis have their Constitutional convention over the next several months. Hopefully, they'll adopt a more US styled Constitution (limits on government, emphasis on individual rights) than a EU styled Constitution (required governmental activities, emphasis on group rights)...

Here's the whole election schedule for the year... (h/t Club for Growth)
Jan 30: Elect 275-seat National Assembly and 19 regional legislatures.

Mid-Feb: Assembly elects President and two vice-presidents, who will then elect a prime minister, who will form the new government.

Oct 15: National referendum on draft constitution (a 2nd election)

Dec 15: National election for permanent government, if constitution is approved.

Dec 31: Permanent government seated.


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