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Tuesday, December 21, 2004



So I was listening to talk radio on my way from one office to the next. This would have been at about 10 pacific time, which means, although I didn't listen to enough to hear a station ID, that it should have been the Rush Limbaugh show. Didn't sound like him, maybe a stand-in. So: the host was talking about what a tragedy it was that the Marines were disciplining the guy who got caught on film shooting a wounded Iraqi. I don't want to get into the details of *that* issue, just wanted to relate this pretty incredible exchange, quoted as well as I can remember it:

"If Senator John Kerry gets a Silver Star for shooting an unarmed Viet Cong suspect in the back, while he was running away, then this guy should get a Silver Star, too."

I turned off the radio in disgust. But really, is that the accepted narrative of Kerry's Silver Star on right wing talk radio? I don't listen to it enough to have any idea; have you heard the incident where he chased down a VC who was moving out to be able to fire his RPG at Kerry's boat described this way before? An "unarmed Viet Cong suspect?" That makes me physically ill.

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