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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Defending the Swift Vets

In this post, Matt (in effect) calls the Swift Boat Vets a pack of liars (and also effectively suggests that Bush was behind the swifties, sorta like the connections that Bush has to the two guys in this post).

However, I don't know of any lies told by the Swift Vets, and I thought I was insanely well read on the subject. So by all means, educate me. And in the process make a few hundred off the commentors at BeldarBlog.

Tell me how Kerry really was in Cambodia on Christmas.

Tell me how Kerry didn't offer aid and comfort to the Vietcong, didn't secretly meet with the Vietcong in Paris while still in the Navy and then come back and push for the US to concede to their demands.

Tell me how Kerry got his first purple heart before he had even seen combat.

Tell me how Kerry earned a silver star with a V when the the designation doesn't exist.

Tell me how all of Kerry's stories on throwing his medals over the wall can be true (his medals, just his ribbons, someone else's medals).

Tell me how Kerry magically became Tedd Peck on Jan 29 (discussed at bottom) in order to have commanded PCF-94 while Alston was on the boat.

Tell me how Kerry didn't falsely accuse every Vietnam veteran (including himself) of commiting atrocities.

And tell me how Kerry signed the 180 so the various disputes with his military record could be resolved.


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